IFTA Reporting Q2 Due Date is July 31th, 2019

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IFTA rates were updated in the 2nd Quarter of 2019 period covered April 1 –  June 30 and it’s due on July 31st. Make sure your rates are up to date on your IFTA reports. At iFuelTax you don’t have to worry about it, state rates are updated automatically.

State / Province Gasoline Special Diesel
ALBERTA #15 U.S. 0.376 0.376
Can. 0.13 0.13
BRITISH COLUMBIA U.S. 0.6764 0.7296
Can. 0.2339 0.2523
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND #28 U.S. 0.4077 0.613
Can. 0.141 0.212
MAINE U.S.   0.312
Can. 0.1079
Can. 0.083 0.083
MICHIGAN U.S. 0.407 0.422
Can. 0.1407 0.1459
NEW YORK U.S. 0.404 0.3995
Can. 0.1397 0.1381

iFuelTax is IFTA Reporting Software that calculates state mileage and IFTA reports. Enter the origin and destination addresses and click generate miles and the IFTA tool will display the mileage by state. View Complete Tax Rate Table source: www.iftach.org  

iFuelTax Reporting includes, following reports:

Contact us for reports you would like to be added to the system.

We hope that you´ll enjoy using Reporting feature and if you have any questions/suggestions, contact us to support@ifueltax.com

All the best from your Support Team!

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